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Amelia Bedroom Set

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  • Amelia King Bedroom Set

    3099.00 $

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  • Dresden Panel Bedroom Set (Gold Patina)

    5500.00 $

    Product Details

    • Overview
      The Dresden Panel Bedroom Set by Acme Furniture is a new rendition to the classic Dresden, finished in gold patina, with a hint of gold. This Dresden Panel Bedroom Set will attach essential comfort and classic style to your home. The antiqued look is further highlighted with a hand applied burnish. The beds are complemented by a thick, tufted upholstery surrounded with individual nailheads, in matching leather like PU. The Bed has crystal tufted headboards. Dresden Mirror is beveled.
    • Features
      Finest solid wood and veneers Gold patina finish Upholstery surrounding Claw foot design Decorative carvings Felt lined drawers Center metal glides
    • Department
      Bedroom Sets
    • Default Set Includes
      1 x Dresden Panel Bed (Queen) (Gold Patina)1 x Dresden Nightstand (Gold Patina)
    • Weight
      1001 lb
    • Optional Items
      1 x Dresden Mirror (Gold Patina)1 x Dresden Dresser (Gold Patina)1 x Dresden Chest (Gold Patina)1 x Dresden Bench (Bone)
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