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Belinda Bedroom Set

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  • Allegra Bedroom Set New Classic

    4599.00 $

    Allegra Pewter

    From our Royal Classics Division comes Allegra, a sophisticated suite with raised panels, bun feet, storage galore and finished in a silky Pewter color. COLORS 
    • Pewter Finish
    • Hardwood Solids and Veneers
    • Multistep brushed Pewter finish
    • 5 piece drawer box with dovetailed joints front and back
    • Finished drawer interiors
    • Full extension drawer glides
    • Felt-lined top drawers
    • USB charger port in nightstand
    • Hidden storage in Dresser, Nightstand, and Chest
    • Mindi Solids and Veneers


    Width (side to side): 81" W
    Depth (front to back): 119" D
    Height (bottom to top): 57" H

  • Belinda King Bedroom Set

    1099.00 $

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  • Contemporary style king bed in white finish wood

    2999.00 $

    Contemporary style king bed in white finish wood Gloria White contemporary style King Bed in white finish wood and Mirror trim takes it to a new dimension. The updated design is utilized to create a dramatic looking, blending the new trend with a high gloss finish. Its crystal-like trimming creates dazzling glow for your master bedroom. The upholstered headboard and footboard in White faux leather and crystal-like buttons are not only beautiful but easy to keep clean. This King Bed would make a great addition to any bedroom to create a modern and contemporary vibe. Matching bedroom pieces are sold separately.
    Features: In white finish wood with mirror trim Padded tufted leatherette headboard and footboard Mirror trimming to enhance the look Easy to clean Matching nightstands sold separately Matching bedroom pieces sold separately

  • Hooker Furniture Sanctuary King Tufted Bed – Pearl Essence

    3499.00 $



    We are all living in a busy world. Were harried and rushed and running about managing our lives, jobs and taking care of family. We are constantly checking our smart phones and email. At the end of the day, we need a respite from the world, a place where we can relax and get centered. We need a home where we can be inspired. Through the Sanctuary Collection by Hooker Furniture, you can create a sanctuary in your own home, a tranquil space that exudes a peaceful calm and grace, almost like a weekend retreat. When you walk into your home at the end of that long day, you will be delighted and your spirit will be renewed. With Sanctuary, you can put together a soft and serene backdrop for your life with pieces of timeless design rich in historical reference, but updated and reinterpreted for today. Sanctuary includes a range of styles and finishes that move easily from California villa to Chicago loft to Carolina coastal cottage.

    Some of the features that distinguish the Sanctuary Collection by Hooker Furniture are:
    • Hardwood solids construction
    • Transitional style
    • Metal and Wood
    • Range of styles and finishes


    Dimension: 80.0W x 79.05H x 4.0D
    Weight: 194.0 lbs
    Cubes: 23.0 cu ft
    Room: Bedroom Furniture
    Category: Beds


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