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  • FOA Calpa 4pc Natural Solid Wood Bedroom

    5999.00 $

    Product details

    Enjoy the rustic style features of this cozy four-piece bedroom set, including a panel bed that features turned legs, a paneled headboard and footboard, and a natural wood grain rustic natural tone finish. The bed's rugged, durable solid wood construction gives it longevity along with the appeal of its silhouette and curved and straight lines. An accompanying three-drawer nightstand and seven-drawer dresser bring a rustic ambiance with their antiqued metal drawer pulls and classic lines, and a graceful, arching mirror uplifts and brightens the entire bedroom. Features :
    • Includes: One (1) California King Bed, One (1) Nightstand, One (1) Dresser, One (1) Mirror
    • Style: Rustic
    • Materials: Solid Wood, Wood Veneer, MDF
    • Finish: Rustic Natural Tone
    • Camelback headboard
    • Three (3) panel design
    • Multiple drawers on metal glides
    • Decorative drawer pulls
    • Molded details
    • Turned legs
    • Bed weight capacity: 500 lbs
    • Nightstand weight capacity: 30 lbs
    • Dresser weight capacity: 100 lbs
    Specifications :
    • Bed Dimensions : 95.13"L x 79"W x 64"H
    • Nightstand Dimensions : 28"W x 18"D x 27.25"H
    • Dresser Dimensions : 66"W x 19"D x 38"H
    • Mirror Dimensions : 48"W x 2.5"D x 40"H
    • Product Weight : 385 lbs
    • Assembly Required : Yes
    • Warranty Description : 90-Day Manufacture Limited Replacement Parts Warranty
    Refine your bedroom with the Calpa Four Piece Bedroom Set. Matching for consistent styling the set features blunt arrow feet, decorated handles, rounded edges and solid wooden construction for lasting durability. Showcasing an arching headboard is the sturdy bed. With a low profile footboard the piece accentuates the high back and showcases the panel design. Companioning the bed is the sleek nightstand. It provides quick access to bedside essentials with its smooth pull handles while the included chest works to neatly organize your bedding in its five spacious drawers. Use the mirror to get ready as the dresser effectively stows your clothes and jewelry. Start fresh and completely reinvent your room with the Transitional Calpa Bedroom Set in Rustic Gray.Finish: Rustic GreyMaterials: Solid Wood, Wood VeneerSet includes 1 bed, 1 nightstand, 1 chest, and 1 dresser and mirror comboTransitional styleCamelback headboard3 panel designMultiple drawers on metal glidesDecorative drawer pullsMolded detailsTurned legs. Specifications:Bed Dimensions: 64" H x 79" W x 93.5" DNightstand Dimensions: 27.25" H x 28" W x 18" DChest Dimensions: 55" H x 40" W x 19" DDresser Dimensions: 38" H x 66" W x 19" DMirror Dimensions: 38" H x 48" W x 2.5" DBed Weight: 150 lbsNightstand Weight: 53 lbsDresser Weight: 138.5 lbsMirror Weight: 43.4 lbs

  • Imrozia King Bedroom Set

    1099.00 $

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