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  • ESF 623 Lorena Silver Button Tufted King Bedroom

    4500.00 $

    ESF 623 Lorena Silver Button Tufted King Bedroom Set 5 Modern Made in Spain The Offer Includes: King Bed, 2 Nightstands, Dresser, Mirror. Make this 623 Lorena Silver a part of Your Home and you will surely be amazed at the way it changes the entire Look and feel of your Bedroom. The Bed boasts of a terrific Silver finish and stands testimony to the craftsmanship and precision that went into its making. You can transform your room into a modern Bedroom furniture theme. If you are looking for a bedroom set that spells elegance and  sophistication then this should be your ultimate choice. ESF Furniture 623 Lorena Bed in Tufted Silver PU. Contemporary Bedroom Collection. This platform bed will create a visual fantasy in your bedroom using traditional shapes in the modern interpretation. This silver finish bed combines wood, fabric and metal to lend a special and remarkable elegance. The construction of this bed is from hard material which will ensure that this is for a lifetime. The beautiful designs will give your bedroom a luxurious and dignified look. It is a perfect match to the people who are traditional and want to be fashionable at the same time.  This creative collection offers High quality construction. High End Classic Italian made bedroom furniture. Add this bold and practical bed to your bedroom for a beautiful focal point and maximum comfort of relaxation. Accentuated with sophisticated silver finish this piece will bring exquisite look. Elegantly accented with Crystal tufting and sophisticated shaping this furniture will bring comfort and functionality. Made in Italy from the premium wood materials, this Bed ensures years of enjoyment. Dupen,  MADE IN SPAIN Feature:

    • 623 Lorena Collection
    • Contemporary Style
    • Silver Finish
    • PU Leather
    • Crystal Tufted Upholstery
    • Chrome Plated Metal Legs
    • Sturdy Construction
    • Button Tufted Frame
    • High Quality Construction
    • Manufactured according to European and international standards
    • Made in Spain
    • Queen Size Bed: 66"W x 89"D x 45"H  Optional
    • King Size Bed: 83"W x 89"D x 45"H
    • Nightstand: 20"W x 12"D x 24"H
    • Dresser: 45"W x 20"D x 34"H
    • Mirror: 41"W x 1"D x 28"H

  • Traditional Cottage White Bedroom Furniture – 5pcs Queen Sleigh Bed Set

    3299.00 $

    Product Description

    Series Details:
    • Two-tone finish in white wash replicated worn through paint with authentic touch and a replicated wood grained block pattern with authentic touch.
    • Large scaled shapely bedroom collection features bun feet.
    • Ring pull hardware in an antique brass color, accented with white paint hang up. Side roller glides for smooth operating drawers.
    • Slim profile dual USB charger located on the back of the night stand tops.
    • Limited quantity at promotional pricing. Please contact us to verify availability before placing your order.
    Listing Includes:
    • Queen Bed - 68"W x 87"D x 63"H
    • Dresser - 61"W x 16"D x 41"H
    • Mirror - 42"W x 2"D x 31"H
    • 2 Nightstands - 24"W x 16"D x 26"H
    Optional Items:
    • King Bed - 84"W x 87"D x 63"H
    • Chest of Drawers - 34"W x 16"D x 53"H

  • Tranquil King Bedroom Set

    1099.00 $

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