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Victoria Bedroom Set

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  • Modern Classic Cot

    4499.00 $

    Product Description

    Cot / Bed classic and modern Rp 3,500,000 Additional Options: - choice of model type (modern, classic, sweet seventeen) FREE - custom design and available all color / variant texture optional FREE - choice of size according to your needs without difference or additional price - ads Slot Double bed slide mode + Rp 1,000,000 Material Dominance: - Pure original Sungkai wood board block (very durable) - Melamine coated or duco paint (NOT MDF / wood powder) Material Advantages: - The advantages in terms of construction are very different , so that it is more moisture resistant than MDF, not easy to crumble, not easy to eat powdered animals such as termites etc. Finishing : - finishing using a spray technique - variations in color texture can be melamine (wood color) or can be duko which is more commonly used by people as a car paint color material whose color will last and last for a very long time so it is recommended to use duko paint, because of the price Duko finishing in the market is more expensive, but in our factory the price for duko is relatively cheaper and efficient in terms of price and results. Some of the advantages of DUKO compared to melamic are that it is safe for children (no pungent smell), more resistant than water, because it is coated like an oil layer so water does not seep, the paint layer is easy to clean if it gets stained, lighter colors plus the availability of complete color variations from the factory us, the modern impression is thicker on the color effect that is produced

  • Victoria King Bedroom Set

    3099.00 $

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  • Zsa Zsa Queen Bedroom Suite

    4500.00 $


    Glamour meets function in this queen bedroom set resulting in an irresistible combination. Diva has a lustrous platinum finish, textured shagreen panels, bright jewelry-inspired hardware, and mirror-panel borders for an extra touch of bling.
    • Set includes: Queen headboard, footboard, rails, nightstand, dresser, and mirror
    • Upholstered headboard panel is covered with embossed faux leather
    • Footboard has mirror strips across the bottom
    • Dresser has seven drawers
    • Sliding, removable jewelry tray in top left drawer
    • Mirror panels above base rail
    • Beveled mirror
    • Molded and mitered mirror frame has embossed faux leather overlays
    • Nightstand has two drawers
    • Nightstand has light underneath with convenient touch on-off switch
    Additional Details
    • Queen Bed Width: 66"
    • Queen Bed Depth: 88"
    • Queen Headboard Height: 66"
    • Dresser Width: 65.5"
    • Dresser Depth: 19"
    • Dresser Height: 39"
    • Dresser Height(with Mirror): 79"
    • Mirror Width: 44"
    • Mirror Height: 40"
    • Nightstand Width: 28"
    • Nightstand Depth: 18"
    • Nightstand Height: 29"


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