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Whimsical Bedroom Set

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  • 2499.00 $

    Sleep like royalty with this Versailles Bed Set. The bedroom set was inspired by old European design. The carved details and cherry oak finish give a royal look to your bedroom space with this bed. Features:
    • Style: Traditional
    • Finish: Cherry Oak Veneers
    • Color: Dark Brown
    • Material: Wood and Leather
    • Carved scrollwork accent
    • Nail head trim decor
    • Tufted upholstery on both headboard and foot board
    • Crafted in wood with cherry oak veneers finish
    • Ample storage
    • Felt lined drawers
    • Brown copper finish hardware.
    4pc Set Includes:
    • 1 x Eastern King Bed: 97"W x 92"D x 76"HH
    • 1 x Nightstand: 35"W x 23"D x 31"H
    • 1 x Dresser: 70"W x 21"D x 94"H
    • 1 x Mirror: 48"W x 47"H
    • Chest: 47"W x 22"D x 55"H
    • Bench: 65"W x 28"D x 20"H
    • Vanity Desk: 67"W x 21"D x 31"H
    • Vanity Mirror: 48"W x 4"D x 47"H

  • Eastern King Platform Bed with Footboard Storage

    2500.00 $

    • Casual transitional styling lends versatility to the placement of the Begonia Collection in a number of bedroom settings.
    • The gray finish lends distinctly to the execution of different looks from traditional to country casual, with knob hardware punctuating the look of each framed drawer front.
    • Hidden drawers in the nightstand and dresser provide discrete storage for your valuables, while the storage drawers of the footboard provide a more visible means of additional storage capability.
    • Bun feet support the case goods and a sleigh headboard finish off the transitional design of the collection.
    • Also available for the same collection the 7 Pcs Dining set, here
    • Grey finish.
    • Hidden drawer in night stand and dresser.
    • Ball bearing side glide.
    • Dovetailed drawer.
    Complete Set includes; Bed, Dresser, Mirror, Chest, and 1 Night stand.
    • Bed:
      • Queen: 65.5 x 95.75 x 57H (FB: 21.5H)
      • King: 81 x 95.75 x 57H (FB: 21.5H)
    • Other:
      • Chest: 40 x 18 x 52H
      • Dresser: 65.25 × 18 × 40H
      • Mirror: 42 × 1.5 × 36.5H
      • Night stand: 28 × 18 × 29.25H
    Box Spring: Not Required Return policy: 14 days easy return, item has to be in new condition and in the original packaging to qualify for a refund or exchange.

  • Whimsical King Bedroom Set

    2599.00 $

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